Success Stories

This page is dedicated to the many of the amazing patients we have treated here at Wye Valley Canine Hydrotherapy. Please read on to hear their stories
This is Ridge who has a herniated disc and hind limb paralysis:


This is Zach, one of our seniors with osteoarthritis. Hydrotherapy has helped him so much.


This is Ben, he had front limb lameness and hind limb stiffness


Gertie - the dog who came for weight loss and ended up competing in agility competitions - GO GERTIE!!


Megan The Amazing Newfoundland - Total Hip ReplacementMegan

Megan, one of the sweetest most bouncy dogs you will ever come across, had a total hip replacement. Hydrotherapy helped her rebuild her muscle and now she is enjoying a full and active life. Say cheeeese






"Bobby is an 8 year old crossbreed who came to us back in 2019 due to bilateral hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis of his right stifle. Bobby didn’t take to the underwater treadmill very well but enjoyed the pool, so that is where we were able to work on strengthening and building up muscle. Bobby’s owners have kept up with regular Hydrotherapy, which has really paid off because three years later his conditions are managed well with fortnightly swims at Hydrotherapy."


Stanley is an 11year old springer spaniel who started Hydrotherapy in January 2022 to help with weight loss and to manage his spondylosis and generalised osteoarthritis. 

We had weekly sessions with him using a combination of both the underwater treadmill and the pool to activate a range of different muscles, help strengthen him and to aid weight loss. Since being at Hydrotherapy Stanley has been for clinical massage to release his tight muscle, which has really helped to improve his range of motion in the joints and allowed us to be able to build up his muscles. Stanley has now reduced to fortnightly maintenance sessions and is doing really well! He’s almost at his target weight!


Freddie and Wolfina are both Romanian rescues and are approximately 10 years old. Freddie has been coming to Hydrotherapy for a while now for maintenance of his hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis, we see him fortnightly. Wolfina has recently started coming with Freddie for some fitness and strengthening


Archie is an 8 year old Rottweiller x Labrador  who has been coming to Hydrotherapy for two years now because of his bilateral hip dysplasia and bilateral elbow osteoarthritis. Over the years we have used a combination of both the underwater treadmill and the pool. However, currently he just goes in the pool as we have found this to suit his left fore lameness better. Archie attends fortnightly hydro sessions which maintains him well. 


We are accredited by the Canine Hydrotherapy Associated, an organisation recognising that we meet the highest standards of treatment and care

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