Success Stories

This page is dedicated to the many of the amazing patients we have treated here at Wye Valley Canine Hydrotherapy. Please read on to hear their stories


Georgie the Hungarian Vizsla - Cruciate Rupture.


Meet Georgie, a 6 year old Hungarian Vizsla. She suffered with cruciate rupture which is a very common condition. She was treated using a complex surgical repair called TPLO. 3 weeks post operatively she started her hydrotherapy treatment with us here at Wye Valley Canine Hydrotherapy. We use this therapy to accelerate recovery. She was a superb patient who worked very hard and made a text book return to full fitness. Georgie was an absolute pleasure to treat and we wish her well on her mission to chase lots of squirrels.



Meg the English Springer Spaniel - Osteoarthritis 

MegSay hello to Meg, the lovely Springer Spaniel. She suffers from an extremely common disease called Osteoarthritis. There is some good news and bad news. The bad news is that multiple joints are affected. The good news is that there are lots of ways to successfully manage this condition which have given Meg a much improved quality of life. We use a multi-modal approach to treatment for osteoarthritis, to achieve the best outcome.

For Meg this recipe for wellness includes:

Ruff the Labrador - General Ageing and Hind Limb Weakness

This lovely old chap is Ruff, having a hug from Caz the Hydrotherapist! He first came to hydrotherapy as his senior years were causing him to be less active. As a result he was losing muscle in his hind limbs and was struggling to get about. At the time his owners thought it would not be long before he could no longer walk. We are pleased to say that it is now 2 years later and he is still going strong! He has been walking in our water treadmill every week which has improved his strength to the point where he can now climb up and down stairs!


Barney the German Shepherd cross Husky - TTA Both Hindlimbs

Introducing Barney! Barney is a lovely, shy, 10 year old who was initially nervous of being handled but is now an absolute pro at hydrotherapy! He first attended hydro in order to build muscle following right hind cruciate rupture and TTA. After a few courses he was back to normal! Unfortunately a year later his left hind cruciate ruptured which meant he had to go for TTA surgery in his left hind. Thankfully Barney is recovering quickly as he is still nice and strong from his first few hydrotherapy sessions! Keep up the good work Barney!



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