Other Rehabilitation Methods

Other rehabilitation methods:

‘We do not offer any other rehabilitation modalities here at Wye Valley hydrotherapy, however we work closely with the following in order to provide the most holistic and complete treatment plan for your dog:

The veterinary nurse team at chase view vets who provide Therapeutic Laser therapy; a modality using light wavelengths to produce biological and therapeutic effects including:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Accelerated healing time
  • Reduced scar tissue formation
  • Reduced pain


Rachel Harris RVN and massage therapist. Rachel works at Chaseview Vets and provides massage therapy that can:

  • Break down scar tissue that may be restricting movement 
  • Increase flexibility 
  • Improve the lymphatic system 
  • Alleviate discomfort from tight muscles 

We find that massage can work well alongside hydrotherapy as looser muscles will increase the range of motion dogs are then able to achieve in the pool or treadmill.


Helen Vaughan PhysioVet. Helen works with some of our dogs, utilising massage, laser therapy and land-based exercises in order to aid rehabilitation. 


We are accredited by the Canine Hydrotherapy Associated, an organisation recognising that we meet the highest standards of treatment and care

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