Treatment Program Prices


Treatment Program Prices
  • £29.50 per session or receive 10% discount with advance payment of £265.50 for 10 sessions

The above price applies for the initial 2 courses. For the following 2 courses,

  • £25.00 per session or receive 10% discount with advance payment of £225.00

For maintenance courses following on from above, eg long term arthritis management

  • £22.00 per session or receive 10% discount with advance payment of £198.00
Fun & Fitness Thursday.

Fancy giving your dog some fun swimming sessions or improve their fitness in our underwater treadmill......

  • We are offering special priced sessions on Thursdays only. Only £20 for a half hour session. The amount done in the session will depend completely on your dog's ability and this will be assessed by our qualified hydrotherapists.
  • If you would like to bring your dog on a Thursday please contact us on 01989 564191 or We will then contact your vet to gain consent. 

See you soon!




We are accredited by the Canine Hydrotherapy Associated, an organisation recognising that we meet the highest standards of treatment and care

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