Ashlea Clothier
Trainee Hydrotherapist
Ashlea grew up by the seaside in Brighton and has always loved animals and any activities in the water.  When she is visiting her family home, she enjoys taking her two dogs out to the beach and for swims in the sea.  
In January 2018, Ashlea spent 6 months in Australia and South East Asia.  Whilst away she volunteered at animal sanctuaries looking after dogs, elephants and monkeys she also gained a SCUBA diving qualification.  
Ashlea started at Hartpury University in September that year, to study Bio Veterinary Science and from there her love of caring for animals grew and she found an interest in Hydrotherapy.  
Since finishing her degree in 2021, Ashlea has begun her training at Wye Valley Hydrotherapy to become a Canine Hydrotherapist.  She is excited to start a career where her passion for looking after and loving dogs can continue to grow!
ashlea treadmill

We are accredited by the Canine Hydrotherapy Associated, an organisation recognising that we meet the highest standards of treatment and care

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