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Here at Wye Valley Hydrotherapy we have a team of Level 4 and Level 4 qualified hydrotherapists. Their training and experience ensures every patient receives individually tailored treatment plans.

We recommend that the animal receives a course of at least 10 sessions in order to see an improvement in their condition. Average frequency of swims is twice weekly initially, reducing as the condition improves. Extended courses are also recommended to maintain success long term in some of the chronic conditions such as chronic arthritis.

The hydrotherapy clinic is a very relaxed and friendly environment. We ease the animals into the sessions so that they are calm and happy. They all gain confidence quickly and do enjoy the sessions. Lots of our patients get so excited coming to see us, it's great.





We are accredited by the Canine Hydrotherapy Associated, an organisation recognising that we meet the highest standards of treatment and care

Chase View Veterinary Clinic
Chaseview Veterinary Clinic is next door to Wye Valley Hydrotherapy. Please visit our clinic website
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